You Are Not An American

Sometimes I wonder how many times a string of words or strings of words that are similar in content needs to be said. I’m aware of how powerful cognitive dissonance is. After all, who wants to redefine what we already know? Or what we think we know? What we think we understand? For some reason, the vast majority of people are afraid of change. On one level, I guess I can understand this. Humans are animals that look for patterns, for recognition purposes. When something new enters, the patterns we think we know are disrupted. We don’t really know how to handle it. However, humans are also very adaptable to change. When the new thing enters the pattern we used to know, we are able to adapt, and sometimes relatively quickly. Another way to put this is, humans are resilient.

Knowing that humans are able to adapt to changes in patterns, that we are resilient, it makes me wonder why people are so resistant to the ideas of liberty. I know that I cannot force these thoughts, and that I can give all the information I can, and yet, the words that I say go over heads. Or they are met with the fiercest resistance I have ever seen. I don’t know why this is. I can’t grasp why people are so in love with the idea of the state. I have never believed in the idea of the state, really. Even throughout the indoctrination of school, I was doubtful. I knew politicians were liars. I knew none of them could be trusted with anything. Even so, I had never heard the ideas of liberty until about a year and a half ago. Everything immediately clicked in my head. Things made perfect sense to me. The thoughts I had had in the back of my mind were given names and definitions and people said things in ways I never knew how to.

Since I fell so easily into these ideas of freedom, I have a hard time understanding any other perspective. When I bring up certain thoughts and ideas, and truths that have evidence, people still deny. Deny deny deny. If people refuse to see truth and reason, what am I supposed to do with that? I grow frustrated and angry. Angry that maybe I am not saying things properly. Frustrated that people hold firm to their blind reverence to a destructive system.

Is indoctrination really so thorough? Why didn’t it work on me? If it means that I am broken for this, I am glad to be broken. I am ready to learn new ideas, to have conversations with people that understand the same concepts that I do. Talking with people who refuse to concede a point even with evidence staring them in the face is a waste of time. I suppose, maybe, it sharpens my debating skills, even if I’m never going to convince people that the idea of the state is the worst concept to ever be. My heart is heavy for how bad things have to get before people let themselves start to see. Aren’t things bad enough already?

Why do people believe that you just need to vote the right person in? Is that going to change anything? Where’s the hearts of the revolutionaries that dumped tea into the harbor? Of those that fought for what they believed in? No, I do not advocate for actual fighting to change things. There are peaceful ways. Civil disobedience. Peaceful non compliance. I mean, that’s what schools train you for, right? To be obedient? Never question authority? Did you know that the new DSM considers that a disorder in children? As an aside, the psychology field is now nothing more than an entity to do as the government bids, and exists for the drug companies. I’m glad to be rid of it in my life.

Americans today are not Americans. They wave their little flags and chant USA without really knowing what it is they’re advocating for. It’s okay for drones to kill children somewhere else in the world as long as we have “freedom,” right? All in the name of the flag. For your country. For you to sit on the couch and get fat. That’s freedom, right? The activists that dumped tea in the harbor actually knew why it was they were doing what they were doing.

You know, I don’t even care for the term “American.” The concept of borders is an evil one. There’s nothing good about it. But if you’re going to call yourself an American, and be proud of it, you damn well better know everything that it stands for. Everything your beloved government does in your name. Everything they do to you, everything they take from you, everything they do to people all across the world. You better recognize the truths of what they do, and not gloss over them. Anything less, and you are NOT an American. You call yourself a patriot? I guess you want tyranny, because you allowed this to happen. If you deny the truth, you cannot call yourself an American. It’s a lie.


3 responses to “You Are Not An American

  1. I agree with you on so much. The part where we part ways is the part where you want complete anarchy. And that is because the only way that would work would be if all people were willing to mind their own business and behave. But they are not and for this cause people must ban together to protect their God given rights. Because there will always be tyrants who have armies at their command, and just plain bad guys who will steal and kill and rape. And in order for there to be justice there has to be some kind of set up to punish them, a threat to deter them.

    And I have thought long and hard as to why things have become the way they have become. I believe it is a combination of the lack of morals and selfishness. Along with liberty come MUCH responsibility. Being a slave is so much easier. Especially when your masters fatten you up with goodies and dumb you down with glittery distractions.

    All through history the thing that spurred people on to break the chains of tyranny was pure hunger. It was not until things got so unbearable under the tyranny they had no choice.

    There is also normalcy bias. As long as the people have their bread and circuses they will not pay attention to the warning signs. It is so much easier that way. But a purge is due, and forthcoming. It is the way of the world.

    • I honestly don’t know. I do agree that people who do bad things need to pay for what they’ve done, in some way, as long as it’s humane. As far as what that looks like, I don’t know. If it’s protection and security we want, there would be higher quality and better prices for consumers if there was competition in policing. Also less corruption.

  2. Everyone starts at a different place. Well… technically we all start as mostly-blank slates, but we VERY shortly become filled with pre-digested concepts and notions regarding power and authority from our parents and peers. This happens well before school begins. “We” teach children to respect authority, without telling them that THEY get to decide for themselves what an authority is. We’re all part of a team, right? Teams have leaders that you should listen to. Not being part of the team isn’t an option. People who aren’t part of your team are the enemy and they’re dangerous. None of this is true, but by the time someone gets 1/4th of the way to adulthood, they have internalized this nonsense.

    Our own unique personalities determine how we react to the cognitive dissonance when we realize that what we’ve been told all our lives may well be wrong. For some people the transition is easy. For others it is almost impossible… along the lines of someone with a severe phobia of heights willingly walking a plank between two skyscrapers. You can’t really blame people for where they start philosophically or how long it takes them to change what could be a core part of their worldview and/or personality. It’s hard. It may be impossible.

    Likewise, you can’t really blame yourself for not having the skills to bring people to your way if thinking. Unless you are a professional public speaker or (gasp!) politician, you just don’t have the training or knowledge to do that. Not all of us have the gift of rhetoric. Don’t beat yourself up over it unless this is your chosen profession and you haven’t put the years of work and study into making it work. THEN you can blame yourself.

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