A Year in the Life

I was at work today, listening to my Free Talk Live podcast, and it struck me that I’ve been learning about the liberty movement for about a year. About a year exactly, actually. As I’ve moved along in this journey, I’ve grown and changed my views a lot. I’ve also gotten quite angry. More on that later.

First, how I’ve grown. I’ve gone from “fuck yeah, Anarchy!!” I’ve lost “friends” and have been blocked. After debating and learning new ideas, my thoughts are a bit more refined. As an example, I no longer like the term “Anarchist.” I’ve learned that it has a lot of negative connotations because of the other definition, and it was really difficult trying to explain, “no, that’s not what I mean.” I don’t want a society filled with chaos. I also don’t like the term Libertarian to describe my beliefs, because there are too many definitions, and it’s even more confusing trying to explain what I mean by the term. I’ve learned it’s important to discuss semantics first when discussing ideas, because if you don’t, things can get messed up later in the conversation, and it could turn out that you and the other person meant a different thing entirely.

The term I’ve come to use is Voluntaryist. It means that I follow the Non-Aggression Principle: I will not initiate force against you, and you will do the same for me. Do not harm me, and I will respect that in turn. That includes my property. I own my body, I own the things I’ve purchased with what I’ve earned. Don’t steal from me, and I will return the favor. I don’t believe that the government’s monopoly on violence is true or just, nor is it moral. It isn’t legitimate. Just because I happen to be born here doesn’t mean that I should have to give up my inherent rights as a human being to satisfy the government using me as a resource. I pursue Liberty. I want to be a free person in mind, body, and spirit. Currently, my body and my free will are. Not. Free. Whatsoever.

They say that this is the land of the free. I would like to see the evidence of that. Every single thing that you ARE as a body, as flesh, is regulated. Everything you do. When you travel, every item you purchase has been regulated many times by the time it’s in the store, your work place, where you live, things you adorn on your body, the items you sleep on, your entertainment, the list goes on and on and on. Thousands and thousands of ways that there’s regulati0n. Your entire life and being, down to your very basic necessity: food. The federal government is so steeped in your life and you don’t even realize. Is it really for your safety? For your well being? For the greater good? Or, could it possibly be that they want to control everything about you? They claim the fruits of your labor by stealing money from your paycheck. As an aside, do you really believe that the social programs the government has are the best ways of helping people? The government is actually a cause of the state of the poor in this country (and in other countries, such as countries in Africa). They cause it, and they create an environment in which the poor become dependent on welfare with no incentive or resources to better their situation. Not to mention, any government entity is horribly inefficient. PLEASE, someone, tell me, WHAT part of the government runs efficiently?! I have yet to see a program or situation, nor have I heard of anything the government does that is efficient in any way.

So WHY do people keep looking to the government for answers? It’s like people are foaming at the mouth like rabid animals, voting for the people they think will serve them best, arguing and debating useless topics where no one gets anywhere, and then are disappointed when the politicians fail them and then point fingers. The point that this has gotten to is sickening, and I don’t understand it. This is what frustrates me. People seem to want to be regulated to the point of no freedom and taxed beyond repair, until they have so much money taken from their paychecks to pay for war and inefficiency and at the same time bemoan the system. BUT. Still look to them to fix it, for answers. As long as we have at least a federal government and this two party system of rabid beasts, we are never going to have freedom. There’s no compromise of politicians on a federal level. The corruption is disgusting and rotting our country to the core.

This is what’s frustrating, but only recently have I been truly angry, to the point of wanting to cry. I was SO disappointed in humanity when the Boston bombings occurred, and basic human rights were trampled upon, and no one cared. I was very upset that people were willing to sacrifice liberty for safety. And, as it turns out, the bombing happened because of US foreign policy. The government is here to keep you safe? Where’s the proof of that? All the proof points to the contrary, my dear Americans. The government is here to protect your freedom? Where is the proof of that? It must be in the NDAA, where it lays the groundwork for the feds to detain you indefinitely without trial. Or I guess it could be that the NSA is spying on you. No, I’ve got it. The proof is that the FBI is killing American citizens with drones. BUT WAIT. The US Supreme Court overturned DOMA. THAT’S what’s important, my dear Americans, my dear sheep. Granting rights and permissions to something that should be inherent in the first place. So let us wave our little American flags a little more, and beg the government to grant us more of our rights. Beg the government to fix all the problems its created, and beg them to fix the problems they’ve caused in our lives. I’m frustrated and angry that these people that debate over the right and the left don’t see that nothing changes, ever. Maybe some policy changes some times in whichever way is your favor, but the majority of the time, there’s more ways created to impede your liberty and freedom rather than doing anything good.

I’m left wondering when people will see it. Maybe they’ll keep voting themselves into oblivion. Maybe some day I’ll get past the frustration. It’s hard being in the liberty movement. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. Trying to change hearts and minds. I will have to do a better job of keeping up this blog, now that Xanga is pretty much gone.